As Self-Help

Self-Help is possibly the least understood aspect of,  but potentially the greatest significance of  Everyone can probably appreciate the benefits of a good mental attitude.  You know the old saying, is the glass half empty or half full or is it partly cloudy or partly sunny?  Your perspective on these questions can really make a difference on how happy you are with your life.

Reality is a matter of perspective and if you can improve your perspective, you can improve your reality.  A Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA as it is referred to by the gurus of this sort of thing, can rejuvenate your life, like a refreshing Springtime breeze with the fragrance of good things to come.  A well selected positive quote from can give you a positive perspective on a recent  setback or the motivation to start something you are afraid will be just another futile attempt at success.

We are often are own worst enemies by burying ourselves in an avalanche of negative thoughts.  It is not that we are all negative by nature, but given free rein, our subconscious  will slowly fill with doubts about our abilities and uncertainties about our plans.  A quote, proverb or saying from helps to keep us focused on a simple, clear, positive thought about what we are doing.

Select a quote that is appropriate to your current life's situation and make multiple copies if necessary to surround yourself with the positive thought.  Display them where you can easily see it on a regular basis. For example, next to your bathroom mirror where you get ready in the morning, so you can start each day with a positive thought.  Mount the quote next to the door you exit your home by, so you can regain your focus just before you head out into the world.  Finally, display your selection where you work, to view it periodically during the day.

When you view these quotes, proverbs or sayings, the impact can be greatly enhanced by reading them out loud.  I know it does not seem possible, but it is a proven fact that a much greater impression is left on the subconscious if it receives this information through more than one of your senses.  Hearing yourself recite it out loud as well as  seeing the quote will double the effectiveness.

Let become one of the little secrets in your life.
Good luck and Best Wishes!