Feeling Good - The Cornerstone
                                         of Happiness and Success  

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As the Founder and Developer of mylifeslittlesecrets.com , I have made it my mission to provide information and resources  everyone can use on a day to day basis that will lead to a healthier, happier, more productive and successful life. 

We are always researching information and techniques for  maintaining a more positive attitude in school, at work or at home. In addition, to helping you maintain a better frame of mind, we also look  for simple things you can do to improve your physical health and energy.

We have discovered a critical ingredient to having a good positive attitude and being motivated for success is feeling good about yourself. And in order to feel good about  yourself, you must start by "Feeling Good". Your health is the very corner stone in the foundation of your attitude and performance.

We all know that "we are what we eat" and that Nutrition and Exercise is vital to our good health. But there are other things that research has shown, beyond any question, to be essential to our continued health and longevity. It's something that all of us have heard and are very familiar with, and that is antioxidants. Antioxidants are what has been proven to slow down cellular deterioration, ageing or what some, tongue in check, have referred to as human rusting.

We also know that we can obtain these antioxidants from certain foods like blueberries. According to the USDA report, below are the top 20 foods highest in antioxidants.

snacks and foods high in antioxidants

Unfortunately the cold hard truth is that the vast majority of us are not getting enough of these foods in our daily diet. The Good News, information that has only been known by an incredibly small number of people, for literally thousands of years, can change all that and it is happening right now, world wide.

This information has helped me and the ones I care about, in ways too numerous to list here. Overall, it has been our mission to promote living life in a positive, happy, healthy and effective way, and this information is certainly an essential resource to that end.

I strongly encourage you to take stock in yourself and start building the new you from the foundation up. Please take a few minutes right now, to learn what makes this so unique and the multitude of ways you can benefit.  >>> Continue


Robert(Bob) Van Riper

- Positive Things Happen To Positive People -