The Creators of
           Body Balance

The nutritional value in today's processed foods has been compromised substantially! Filling your body with nutrient-poor calories is like filling your car with watered down gasoline. Today's foods are woefully lacking for three primary reasons:

     * Farm soils are depleted of nutrients
     * Most farmlands are fertilized with only 3 minerals
     * Crops are contaminated with pollutants and poisons

Scientists on the cutting edge of nutritional research have developed an amazing blend of nutrient-rich sea vegetables harvested from the Regeneration Zone, a pristine Garden of Eden found in the cold Pacific Ocean.



From the depths of the ocean, towering stalks of sea vegetation reach towards the light. For thousands of years, these unique nutrient-rich plants have held secrets to vital health. From these pollution-free oceans, 9 unique, nutrient-rich sea vegetables are harvested. They are then blended with aloe vera, black cherry, and a touch of honey into a delicious, oxygen-rich nectar called "Body Balance." 

Over 6,000 doctors have recommended Body Balance to tens of thousands of satisfied patients for nearly two decades. Can you depend on your current daily diet to give you the strength, energy and peace of mind you need to survive today's hectic and stressful lifestyle?

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